Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad, Glad, Good and Had (Got Tu Go Disco)

Bad on me for bringing everyone down with my stupid rant on how I hate that you're happy.  It's great that you're all moving forward.  I should do that do.

I'm glad that I just signed a lease on a new apartment.  Now I can finally stop living in other people's homes and stop worrying about other people's lives.

It's good to have one of my besties living in Toronto again.  It just would be even better to have you here too.

I wish I had the ability to beautifully dance a Mia Michaels piece about a man who's mesmerized by a woman's ass.  I love that this is the concept for this choreography.  Neenia, when you get home we're filming us doing this.  Even the mistakes are forgivable because they recovered completely.


Neenia said...

Amazing. I miss SYTYCD. Can't believe I'm not there to watch it with you.

Where is your new apartment?

Warrior Princesse Alathariel said...

Neenia's ass is so much better than this chick's. I'm not her fan.

I want to see your new place! I love new places! Are you going green and orange again?

Neenia said...

...Isn't that why we're recreating the dance on us?

I mean, I thought that was obvious.