Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disneyland (Smile)

Ugh, ok, I really don't want to bring this up here because whenever I mention something like this on my blog it ends up being over before it began.  I've started dating a boy.  A boy I like.  No, but like really this time.  I've been dating a lot lately, but never anyone I've been interested in.  I kept the black guy around, even though he was really boring and had nothing to say, because we were rill good together between the sheets.  But then he came all over said sheets and I stopped returning his calls and texts.  He just had to go and ruin the one good thing we had.  Then I started up with this loud, obnoxious, but very entertaining dude.  We went out a couple of times but had yet to kiss or even hold hands.  We were to have a real date last wednesday.  The Saturday preceding it, I met the boy.  He cornered me in a club, and introduced himself.  He pulled me away from my friends and we talked.  I was not interested in this kid.  How old was he, sixteen?  Not my type at all.  He told me he is twenty three and studies linguistics at U of T.  I asked him how many languages he speaks.  Eight.  That's right, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Latvian, German (I think) and some Italian, with a little Mandarin and Inuktituk (sp?!) mixed in.  Hot.  We conversed in Spanish.  RILL HOT.  Then we made out a lot and I ditched my pals and left with him and his friends.  Tuesday he came to see my show, Wednesday I broke things off with the other guy, Thursday we made out for two hours in a movie theatre and last night at my place, and this afternoon we had lunch.  He thinks I'm cute.  He thinks I'm sexy.  But like really.  Like he can't believe how cute and sexy I am.  How is this possible?  I'm even finding him cute and sexy.  I don't want to see other people, but I also kind of do want to see other people still.  I need to take this slow, right?  I'm so hot for him and it's so unexpected.  But there are some cons that I'm looking for.  Like he's a pothead who smokes weed every day.  He hangs out with nineteen year olds who act like nineteen year olds.  He has had over one hundred sexual partners.  He thinks, he's lost count.  He also has mannerisms that I'm starting to notice remind me of someone I used to fuck around with.  These are really sexy mannerisms to me, but they also bring up really weird mixed feelings.  The pros are that he does not enjoy anal sex (yay!) and has rarely ever done it.  He's very worldly.  He not only speaks all those languages but he has travelled extensively.  He's quite educated and learned and interesting.  He is super warm for my form.  He turns me on.  I'm excited to see where this goes, but I'm also going to do my best to take things really slowly.  Blog, you best not jinks me this time!