Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life Is So Peculiar (Five Guys Named Moe)

My life seems to be filled with random instances of late. Some examples, you ask? Sure thing Marigold!

1. a) When I started working at the Hard Rock here in Toronto back in 2004, I met a girl. I told her she looked familiar. I asked her where she's from and she said Ottawa. I'm from Ottawa! She asked what high school I went to. She went to the same school. Two kids from the same high school only 3 years apart meet in Toronto and become fast friends. Fast forward to 2007 when she asks me my roommate's name. Turns out she has been working in the same group as my roommate and when she added her on Facebook she noticed the connection. Weird?

1. b) A while back I was at this friend's apartment. She gave me the tour and I loved how her bedroom leads into the walk-in closet which leads into the bathroom which leads back into the living room. I commented that this is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment and how I want to live there. I came home and told my roommate all about this and how we need to move there ASAP. A couple of months go by maybe and my roommate who is in this girl's group goes to the very same apartment to work on school things, unaware that this girl in her group is actually my friend. She uses the bathroom and notices the closet and thinks to herself that this is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. She "wonders if Skinny Rabbit's friend lives in the same building." Little did we know it was the exact same apartment. DUN DUN DUN!

2. a) I wasn't supposed to be at work last Saturday night. I had worked a day shift and was asked if I'd like to stay the night... wait, asked to stay and work the night shift (nothing romantic, I swear!), but had to decline because I was catching a GO bus to Milton for a one year old's birthday party. A friend of mine calls me and asks if I'd like to join them for a birthday dinner at the very restaurant I work in. I have to decline that as well. So I go to Union Station to catch a bus and discover it will take me two hours to get there and back. A waste of time. I decline that and call up the other birthday party to RSVP yes. So I join some friends for dinner at the very restaurant I work in but wasn't there to work on that particular night. While we're being billed, out of nowhere, a friend of mine shows up with her family from Ottawa. Her mother was telling the hosts that she is my mother so that she could get a nice table. So I greet the family that I haven't seen in a long time and I forget that one of my friends from the party knows the friend from Ottawa who just showed up. As we're all talking, I turn around and see another face from Ottawa. A fellow I went to high school with. So that's weird. Then I see my cousin and a friend of hers, also from Ottawa! Totally random, totally bizarre. Let's count that. Three different groups of people from my home town that I know for different reasons all in my place of work at the same time on a night I wasn't supposed to be there. Something's going on with the universe.

2. b) So at that dinner, I was sitting next to someone I hadn't seen in a long time and we were catching each other up on ourselves. She asked if I was seeing anyone so I told her all about this dude that I'm dating and how we met and what I think of him... Two nights later I'm with the boy and we discover that we both know that girl, he went to high school with her. Then the next day they run into each other at The Gap! At the time of my conversation with her I had no idea she knew him and she had no idea he was the guy that I'm seeing and all three of us had encounters within 3 days after her not seeing either of us for over a year.

3. I never work Sundays. So I texted the chick at work one day the following text. (I worded it this way out of the blue, for no reason in particular): "Ok, ok, I'll make myself available on Sundays." She texted back "Huh?" I texted back "You can schedule me on Sunday mornings if you want to." Turns out that just then she had been thinking about how I don't work Sundays and how she could use me in the morning. Isn't that weird? That I texted her as if in the middle of a conversation with her where she'd be telling me exactly what she had actually been thinking?

Heaven Help Me (Footloose)

Ok, here we go, we're blogging. A new post from Neenia and Princesse, now one from me, ArtsMonkey and NoSiren never stopped... But I think we've lost Miss Pants and BedroomPrince. Let's reconnect.

So life. Ah fucking life. It's almost perfect right now. Seriously. I love my job. Everyone there loves me. It's stress free. I always run into people I know there. It's nice. Just a great place to be. I'm keeping up with my singing lessons and I have a recital on Sunday. Wanna come? I have a paying gig as a mother fucking performer that starts very soon and lasts for four months. That's crazy hot and I can't wait. There's a boy in my life who really, really likes me and I really, really like that. And I have a plan. A plan that I'm looking forward to putting into motion which will ultimately lead to my moving to New York for a few months in the fall. I'm just salivating thinking about it. Too bad I hate the first place I hate where I begin and end my days. The bookend needs replacing.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Little Less Conversation (All Shook Up)

I passed by ArtsMonkey on Queen Street tonight at around 5:35pm and I didn't say hello. I just let her pass me. She was with a man. She didn't see me. I was with a chick. I wonder what would have happened had I said hello. The conversation would have gone one of two ways.

Scenario One:

SkinnyRabbit: Hey! I can't talk. I'm walking Natasha to work and she starts very soon.
ArtsMonkey: This is awkward.

Scenario Two:

ArtsMonkey sees SkinnyRabbit and excitedly hollers a friendly hello. SkinnyRabbit barely nods and walks around her.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Could It Be You? (Something For The Boys)

I had an appointment at the chiropodist about two weeks ago, a follow-up to an appointment I had two months earlier. The doctor engaged me in conversation of things we had talked about when he first met me. Namely that I am an actor. So we talked about an actor's life and he mentioned a friend of his who might be just a bit younger than me who does Stratford, as well as living downtown versus living at Yonge and Davisville. As I sat there in this chair at Yonge and Davisville, having a nice and perfectly comfortable conversation with this young doctor touching my feet (a most intimate thing as I have issues with my feet and keep my socks on when I go to bed with people), and I started imagining my life with this man. I'd be living at Yonge and Davisville with my doctor boyfriend who takes me out to dinner with his rich and normal friends and he'd fully support my pursuit of my career. Even though he isn't very attractive, I would love him anyway. I have absolutely no interest in this man other than the fact that I like the life he could give me. He's probably not gay. I left the office feeling nice.

Some guy thinks I'm cute so I gave him my number. He's not really my type. I'm open to dating outside of my type, but this guy has facial mannerisms of someone I seriously dislike. But I gave him my number anyway and we had some non-awkward phone conversations, which was sometihng I was worried about. We went out and it was actually really good. I was at times able to forget that he reminded me of someone I don't like. We conversed easily. We even had a nice good night kiss. I know he's super duper into me, but I don't know if I feel the same. I'd definitely go out with him again, but I didn't feel much excitment. I wonder if it will come, and if it doesn't, I have no idea how to tell someone I'm not interested.