Saturday, October 28, 2006

Me (Beauty And The Beast)

Heard tonight:

"The thing about Skinny Rabbit is he'll blow you away but he'll never blow you." - Andrew, in drag

"Me and Lefou thought we'd just hang back and let Skinny Rabbit steal the spotlight." - Gaston, sarcastically, regarding our Maison Des Lunes trio.

"I've renamed that song The Cold Cut Trio, because it has two turkeys and a ham." - Maureen

"We were wondering, where were you when Gwen Verdon died? Because we think we know where she went." - Debbie (choreographer)

Love, Unrequited, Robs Me of My Rest (Iolanthe)

I also found out last night that he was in the national tour of Peter Pan in France. Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan, but she was not in that company. He was six years old and played Wendy's baby brother and he got to fly. Why is he torturing me?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Chess And Checkers (New Girl In Town)

The Good:

I bought a lot of lovely things this week including a winter jacket (it's brown, I tell ya!) from Holt Renfrew, five musical theatre CDs from Song And Script, a hat and gloves from Banana Republic, and a hoodie and pair of undies (my first pair of briefs since like grade 8!) from American Apparel.

I got to hang out with some of my favourite people.

I saw So You Think You Can Dance and shat myself. No really. I'm still wet. I met Natalie and had her babies and she licked me.

The Bad:

I didn't get a picture of Natalie because my fingers stopped working at that point. It's my biggest regret and is still weighing on me.

I didn't get to say goodbye to Princesse Alathariel. It's my biggest regret and is still weighing on me.

I spent way too much money. More than I can afford.

The In-Between:

My crush, ugh, I can't even look at anymore. I can't stand the sight of that fucking adorable face any longer. It's getting to the point where talking to him kill me because all I want to do is put my lips on his. Whenever he's speaking to me I give him absolutely no reaction because if I react, it'll be by putting my lips on his. So I give him nothing. I hope he knows.

He's also making me feel inadequate, but not on purpose. I found out today that because of his father's status in the government he doesn't need a passport and can hop on a plane to go anywhere in the world within an hours notice with some sort of international card (I suppose this is like a passport for important people). I found out today that when he was sixteen he went to Kenya and South Africa by himself just because. He's always brings up stuff like this casually because he's kind of insecure that way, which is fine because I do it too, but he still makes me jealous that he's so much younger than me and has seen more Broadway shows than I have. And I've seen quite a few. That's not wrong of me to feel is it? We all feel this way around people like that, right?

He's also pretty catty behind people's backs and is really judgmental. Not that that's a turn off, you just always wonder what he's saying behind your back. Except he usually complements me which makes me think that he wouldn't bad mouth me. But I still want him.

(Oh, and did I mention that he's also an artist. Have I ever told you that I've always wanted to fall in love with someone who can draw and paint, because it's one ability I've always wished I had? It's killing me. Killing me!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rape Ballet (The Fantasticks)

Excuse me, but I'm sweet on you and you know it. I mean, I've never told you, but you know. You can tell. Look, I know you're not interested in a relationship and you're too selfish and focused on your career right now. Baby, that's cool. So am I! I just think you're super cute. Your smile totally warms my heart and you have nice eyes. Your eyebrows are a little too close together, but we can fix that. I love that you can sing, have a background in gymnastics and are way more flexible that me. I love that you acknowledge that I'm a better dancer than you. It turns me on that you have such a passion for set design and that you go to New York twice a year to see the original cast of all the new Broadway shows, specifically to scope out the sets, and that while you're there you always take a workshop. I fucking love your ambition and drive. I love that you are in university studying architecture. I love that you have a great sense of style, one where you can pull off outfits from thrift stores to Harry Rosen. I love that you're cynical. Did I mention I dig your smile? I hate that you're not open about who you are and that nothing can ever happen between us. Unless we're all wrong and you're not, in which case I'm sorry for doubting you. But you are and I want you.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

If I Were Anybody Else But Me (Naughty Marietta)

I don't remember what time I woke up this afternoon, but I do remember that I layed in bed with the blinds drawn and watched Sex And The City for hours, beginning with commentary from season four, and ending with only two episodes left to go from season five.

The clock is about to strike six and I am still in my pajamas, and I feel a little sick from not having eaten yet. I may have some chips. Then I will shower. Then I will order a pizza.

At approximately nine pm I will be picked up and taken to a lavish party at Foundation, thrown in my honour.

I'm feeling a little fabulous. No. A lot fabulous.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You Don't Want To Play With Me Blues (The Boy Friend)

I received this message from a 16 year old today regarding one of our videos. It reads as follows:

im sorry.. but im a dancer and your video of calling you is just disrespecful. im sure if i knew you it would be funny. but i am a dancer and one of mia michaels (the choreographer) students.. and im not too sure shed appreciate it either. i really don't think it's that funny or amussing. that dance is amazing and you just make fun of it is disrespectful. dont watch the show if all your going to do is make fun.


My retort:

What an interesting reaction. I'm sorry that you felt we were being disrespectful. That was definitely not our intention at all. We were in no way mocking the choreography or the choreographer. We were mearly goofing around in the living room and having fun. If we were making fun of anything, it was our own inability to do the choreography because it is incredibly challenging. We have nothing but repect for the show and especially for Mia Michaels.

I'm not sure why I'm dignifying your comment with a response, especially when most of your sentences don't make any sense. As a writer, and an English speaking human being, I find it insulting that you have such disrespect for the English language. Stay in school and learn some grammar, and how to use punctuations properly.

Thank you.

Mama Gimme Smack On The Asshole (Jerry Springer - The Opera)

...Because that is what I deserve right now. I just remembered... that's right... just... that I missed someone's birthday on August 28th. Just remembered. About six weeks later. This happens to be the same someone who's side I stood by on her wedding day two months ago as her maid of honour. Why am I such a dinkus? I've called her since, but not to say happy birthday, and I actually never did get through to her. I wonder what she thinks of me right now. I hate me right now. I'm supposed to be her best friend!

On a happier note, I remembered only four days too late that I missed Dancy Antsy Pantsy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA! ALBERT LOVES YOU! (even though his memory seems to be failing him in his old age).

On an even happier note I thought I had also forgotten Bedroom Prince's birthday, but then I realized it was more than a month away, so I'm resting easy on that one. I'll remember it hopefully only 2 days later.

And on the happiest note, Neenia and I are celebrities! Ok, maybe that's a little extreme. Pop culture icons? No? In any case, we have a small but growing fan base on with our So You Think You Can Dance videos! Go check out such comments as:

"this was great! you guys are my heros. or is it heroes?" - ryanhr17

"you should do more dances from the show." - donaldo543

"i'm obsessed with the two of you." - ryanhr17

"she kind of looks like alison" - ameg03

"Wow, I was expecting you guys to really suck. I'm impressed!" - Rachella1983

Yes. We are amazing. I feel better now about being the worst friend in the entire world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We Dance (Once On This Island)

Who's better?

Confession (A Man Of No Importance)

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon. She took me to a park near Dow's Lake. We sat on a bench. The leaves were orange and brown. Across from us was the end of the Rideau Canal, with several ducks in the water and others standing on land, watching their little friends swim. I told her. I wish someone had been taking pictures or something. I looked good. I was wearing my brown leather jacket over my blue-ish/grey hoodie, over a creamy orange shirt and my hair was strategically messy. Marry that to the perfectly cool, not cold, weather and scenery, and it would have been a lovely scene in a movie.

By the way, the he was my brother, and I'm weirded out that he's the first one in the family I told. I always thought it would be my sister.