Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For My Own (Donnybrook!)

I joined a gym yesterday. Is it a mistake? Will I never go the way I never went to the other ones I joined. I do need to get into good shape in order to choroegraph a mother of a show this coming fall. All I know is that now that I've joined I feel great. Even if I never end up going, I know I have the option to, and that makes me feel strong and sexy. I even look better naked now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life (Little Johnny Jones)

I did it to myself again tonight. I made my way into a theatre where a movie I had never heard of was playing, and shouldn't the protagonist's mother be dying in a hospital. Is the movie industry trying to tell me something?

My gig performing children's theatre in elementary schools has come to an end. Four months of being a working actor. Over. I'm going to miss the little bastards. The ones who raise their hands to ask a question and then say nothing when called upon. The ones who freak out when I tell them my name, because there are 8 other Skinny Rabbits in the room. The ones who cry when they see Papa Bear. The ones who try to correct us on our bear facts. The ones who ask the same question as the kid we called on just before them.

If there was one day in particular that stood out it was the day we performed at a rehab center for children with disabilities. There were so many different cases there. Kids in wheelchairs, kids in helmets, deaf kids, mentally challenged kids, you name it. It was such a positive environment. The staff was super friendly, the kids were super sweet. It felt great. We all walked out of there feeling satisfied that we had done something special. We were all moved by what we saw.

One thing I've learned through doing this children's theatre and being in these elementary schools every day is how attracted I am to male teachers. It has nothing to do with any fantasy I've had over my teachers when I was in school. I just love a man who loves children and loves teaching. It's as simple as that. I think teaching is an honourable profession, and people who love what they do are sexy. It was especially sexy to see the teacher at the rehab center with all the kids hanging off his limbs. He was so loved by them, and it was clear he loved them too. That's sexy.

Do you ever write a blog and then think, "What the hell is it that I'm trying to say here?" I feel that all the time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Duet For One (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)

I found this video today that I never knew existed. Watching this reminds me how much I regret not starting dance earlier in life, and not keeping up with dance after school. My legs look great. Wait for the splits.