Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grease Lightning (Grease)

I moved to the Danforth this weekend.  Don't worry it's just a two month sublet.  I'm not happy about my current whereabouts but I'll take what I can get.  In order to save money on TTC, I've purchased a bicycle.  At first I was afraid - I was petrified - because I haven't really ridden a bike since I was sixteen.  I have to say, though, I'm loving it.  I feel so nice and free when I'm riding through the city on two wheels.  I can be a vehicle or a pedestrian, depending on what best suits my needs at any given moment.  But I biked to and from work today for the first time and I have to say I'm not loving the developing thunder thighs and chaffing of my mangina.


Neenia said...

Developing thunder thighs??? I thought biking was supposed to tone one's legs, not make them fat. It's just muscle! I thought you wanted muscle.

Weird that you just got a bike because I just decided to invest in a bike myself, when I get back to Canada.

I'm sorry for your mangina.

skinny-rabbit said...

Good idea, invest in a cycle. But listen, Shakespeare, don't tell anyone about this. I got a rep to protect.

And, oh, I always thought thunder thighs referred to really ripped thighs. My bad. In any case, then thighs is killing me!

artsmonkey said...

cycling will enhance the thighs... yep... love it.
missing biking in the city!!
and the danforth is mostly balls, but has some good points - ie: wimpy's diner near logan!!

Warrior Princesse Alathariel said...

I've been riding my bike, Janie (she's purple) everywhere too. What I don't love is almost passing out in the heat of the mornings. But what I do love is the switching from vehicle to pedestrian, like you said, and the NOT waiting for busses. And the smugness we're allowed to feel because we're saving the planet and being good to our bodies.